Walmart Company

Finalize your work on your Organization Case Study. Respond to Instructor feedback on the prior installments of your previous Organization Case Study submissions. Assemble and integrate all previous installments into your final paper. Use appropriate headings in your paper to give your reader a clear picture of your selected organization.
Your completed Organization Case Study will include the five installments developed over the five workshops. These installments, when combined, should flow as a complete profile of the company, its environment, and the industry within which it functions. Emphasis should be on the organization’s community involvement and commitment to human service. World-changing outcomes should be noted. The assembled final paper should consist of 10 to 15 pages. Use the following as the checklist of issues and concepts to include in your analysis.
Installment One-Completed in Workshop One
Provide a brief profile of the organization, its origins, its leadership, nature of the total industry, and the organization’s current and projected position in that industry.
Describe the political, economic and social realities facing this company. What are the current and anticipated macro-environmental conditions within which the organization must function?
Installment Two- Completed in Workshop Two
What demographic, economic, and political trends are most likely to have the largest impact on the organization? Identify threats and opportunities that the organization faces in both the short-term and long-term.
What are the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses? Do you believe that the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives are structured in a manner that is consistent with those strengths and weaknesses?
Viewing the organization’s principal products and services, where do you believe these offerings are positioned relative to the traditional product life cycle? And market positioning?
What observations can you make regarding the degree of customer focus which the organization exhibits?
What steps has the organization taken to compete more effectively in the new transnational global marketplace?
What is the primary source of the organization’s competitive advantage and does the existing corporate strategy (and structure) capitalize on that advantage?
Installment Three- Completed in Workshop Three
In your view, what are the critical success factors for the organization and what, therefore, are the current key business decisions which should be addressed?
What role does the changing demographic scene play in the organization’s relationship with its stakeholders? Does this changing scene demand modification of the strategic direction and if so, how is this redirection being addressed?
What do you believe is the appropriate strategic direction for the organization?
Installment Four- Completed in Workshop Four
Would you consider the organization to be a 21st century organization? Give evidence for your answer by defining the characteristics and structure of a 21st century organization.
How is the organization responding to current social or community needs?
Do the values of the organization include any world-changing activity in its business makeup? Be specific.
Installment Five- Completed in Workshop Five
Does the current management team appear to have established appropriate priorities for the organization? What cultural evidence can you relate that supports your position?
To what extent are key positions in the organization staffed by competent and qualified employees and managers? What do the conditions appear to be under which these employees have been selected?
On what basis does management relate to employees? Provide examples that demonstrate the organization’s commitment or lack of commitment to its employees’ leadership development.
In terms of performance, how does the organization measure up? Give specific reasons for your assessment.



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