Applying Concepts


The first page, watch a video: After watching A Class Divided: A Lesson in Discrimination…Summarize the video in one paragraph.
Apply the three major theoretical perspectives of sociology to the video (Structural-Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, Conflict Theory)
Make sure to summarize each theory first, then discuss how it applies to scenes in the video. Then on the second page, watch this video As you watch this documentary, use the theories of deviance to explain the situations that these young men are in and to explain their behavior.

Apply at least five (5) theories of deviance or concepts related to the theories of deviance: pick 5 theories only: Differential Association Theory, Control Theory, Labelling Theory, Strain Theory, illegitimate opportunity theory

Simply list your theories/concepts using a numbered list or a bullet point list.
Summarize the theory
If you are applying a concept, make sure to summarize the entire theory that it is related to. Also, Provide a detailed explanation of how it is illustrated in the video.
Do NOT be concerned with the transition from one video to another.

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