Introduction to Academic Literacy class


This is for my Introduction to Academic Literacy class. This is my final essay and should be better with the other one but please use more simple words

Thirteen Reasons Why rapt 13 Assignment: Research 13 Reasons Why (the book and the TV show). Look into why some people find it problematic, and why others find it helful. Decide for yourself whether you think it is problematic or helpful and construct an argument to prove your points. For example, your thesis might look like:

Thirteen Reasons why is problematic and harmful because
Thirteen Reasons Why is helpful and educational because

once you have formulated your thoughts, you will write 0 1-2 paper explaining why you believe the book/show is either helpful or harmful. You will support your points with research.
For example, if you’re arguing that it is helpful because it might prevent bullying, you fould want to research why bullying occurs and how the book would stop teens horn hurting each other.

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