A critical essay evaluating a key management approach to sustainable tourism using two contrasting case study destinations/tourist areas.


A Critical Evaluation of one of the following tools for tourism management:
-Protected areas ( can be just National Parks)
-Community Based Tourism (CBT)
-Education and interpretation
-Certification and eco-labels
-Visitor management schemes
* Use TWO contrasting case study destinations/tourist areas.
Citations and references – full and complete use of Harvard referencing of ALL sources IN the text and a complete Bibliography with full details of all sources used and in alphabetical order by author’s surname. Internet sources to include page details, author where available and date accessed.

-must show understanding of key terms and give definitions if required.
-The essay should set out the scope, purpose and range of the essay.
-It should also set out the range of arguments and issues concerning the chosen topic – potential and limitations – with clear reference to appropriate sources.

Clarity – the chosen examples/case studies should clearly address the issue outlined above, again clearly supported by specific references.
Conclusion and recommendations – the essay should progress towards a well-supported conclusion incorporating a qualified assessment of the chosen topic and setting out some recommendations for ways in which the chosen topic could be adjusted to make a bigger contribution to sustainability or ways in which it might be applied more appropriately.

Essay criteria: Criteria will include the quality of research and sources, the clarity of the arguments and the effective use of supporting evidence.

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