Assessment 1 | Research Exercise


Discuss the following recent crime issue and answer the related question:
TOPIC: International people smuggling
(a) How can this issue be seen as related to processes of globalisation? Discuss in relation to permeability of national borders and contemporary anxieties about national identity.

– Would prefer if mostly Australian sources where used.

References / Readings:
• Please note that for this assignment you are required to cite at least 8 academic references. Note: Wikipedia, and media articles are NOT academic references. If you do use media articles, these will be considered in addition to your required references.
• Make sure you follow the Harvard referencing style
• Make sure all your references are fully and properly acknowledged (including page numbers for direct quotations).
? You must include an introduction which outlines the purpose and objectives of your assignment, including answering the following questions:
– What is your topic (briefly outline)?
– What is the purpose of your essay?
– What is/are your main argument/s?

? Structure is an extremely important part of writing. It not only includes your writing and sentence structure, but also the narrative flow of your work:
– It is essential to organise topics, issues and arguments and present them as a logical and coherent unit

? Conclusion:
– Your essay needs to have some closure that is based on your previous arguments.

? Academic analysis:
– Your opinion/argument is an essential part of your writing but should be supported with references where possible.
– Your paragraphs need to be linked to one another
– Critical engagement with the theory and literature is a must. Move beyond superficial claims and explain why certain phenomena exists and how theory relates to your discussion.

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