BirminghamLYR production and innovation management


Choose one of the following topics:
1. Select a real-life company with at least 50% of its sales coming from its domestic country market. Choose one of its new (hi-tech or non-hi-tech) products launched within the last three years. Evaluate its performance and put forward reasons for this performance.

2. Focus on a new (hi-tech or non-hi-tech) product already developed but not yet marketed by a company. Demonstrate how you are going to market this product in the most effective manner.

3. Identify a new (hi-tech or non-hi-tech) product concept that you develop and intuitively think could be successful in the market. Elaborate what you are planning to do on the way from this new product concept to new product launch, in order to maximize the probability of its market success.

Important points you should note:
1. This assignment is individual-based, and contributes to 100% of the total mark for the module.

2. Maximum number of words: 3,000 excluding references and appendices (if there are any). Write down the number of words on the front page of the assignment.

3. Leave aside 500 to 800 words elaborating the main academic theories / concepts (at least one, at most two) that you are using for this assignment.

4. Each assignment will be assessed based on (1) the appropriateness and completeness of the academic perspectives you have used; (2) the ability to apply academic knowledge to practice; (3) the amount of effort you have put; (4) the soundness of your arguments; (5) the organisation of your work.

5. Deadline and place of submission: 16 April 2018 noon. Submit an electronic version of your finalized assignment to Canvas.
1 similar rate low than 5% 100% original
2 not out of topic
3 no mistake in Grammar
4 no format problem
5 no sources/citations issues ( all reference has in-text reference , all in-text reference put in reference list)
6 Word count enough
7 add table of content match subtitle
8 add introduction conclusion
9 add abstract
10 add recommendation
11 Instruction fully covered
12 Paper not lacks proper research
13 not Wrong data/statistics/calculations present
14 more refrence
15 require rich graphs, tables and/or charts to enrich paper
16 extension revision in 14days
17 sign high level top 10writer
18 The first name in topic is school name do nor sign same writer in one school
19 make sure 100% pass
20 reference is academic

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