Business Letter Email


Now that you have selected your nonprofit agency (I selected American Cancer Society ACS ), please compose a business letter email to them. You may address the letter to the organization in general or a particular person at the agency. Depending on when you completed your service learning hours, your letter may be written in past or future tense. ( I Completed my hours ) at this location ( 430 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207)

Please include the following elements in your letter (in no particular order):
• Who you are ( full name Joe louski ,33 years old student at florida state college )and a little bit about yourself ( from Brooklyn new York, hobbies travel , sports , work out. Finishing my associate degree in arts and going for bachelors in science )
• Why you selected their organization for your service learning.
• What you think of their organization and who/what they serve
• If the organization has in some way personally impacted you
• Whether or not you will volunteer for them in the future
• What you did while volunteering for them (They gave me a project to organize two storage rooms, move packets of water from top shelfs to reachable shelfs because it was too high for ladies to get the bottle of water. Tied up the storage and got rid of stuff that they don’t use )
• What you thought they did versus what you learned about them on their website
• Please thank them for what they do for our community
• Please quote from their website at least once in your letter
• Please also quote from at least 2 of the following organizations to develop your discussion:
o The Corporation for National Community Service
o The American Association of Community Colleges: On Service Learning
o Charity Navigator: Your Guide to Intelligent Giving
o Campus Compact: On Service Learning
o The Association for Experiential Education
o The National Society for Experiential Education
o The Points of Light Institute
Writing Guidelines:
• 600-700 Words
• Times New Roman
• 12 Point Font
• Business Letter format (see handout)
• Works Cited at the bottom of the letter

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