Management and Organisations in a Global Environment


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1. please find the executive summary in the attchement and activity topics are
Activity 1:Cultural web and its use in practice (call centre)

Activity 2: Holacracy
In your blog, you should address the following two sections:
(1) Section 1: list the key ideas you have extracted from the prescribed e-learning activity.
(2) Section 2: apply those ideas to your own experience, to an organisation you know and to the topic(s) of this subject.

Visit the following URLs, and use ‘Questions to consider’ to guide your thinking.
Activity 1:Cultural web and its use in practice (call centre)

URL: ‘Using cultural models for changing corporate culture’

Questions to consider:
1.Do you agree with the author’s view on the effectiveness of cultural web model in changing corporate culture (compared to other models of corporate culture) as presented in the article? Why or why not?
2.What would be the benefits of using typology type instead?

Activity 2: Holacracy
URL: Zappos just abolished bosses. Inside tech’s latest management craze.

Questions to consider:
1.What’s your understanding of holacracy? How would you describe it compared to bureaucracy and team-based structure?
2.Discuss how Contingency Factors of Organisational Design are at work in the case of Zappos?
3.In what ways do you think innovative culture is related to (agile) organisational structure?

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