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Steve Rogers Director of User Experience at Google


To monetarise Google started by offering a product to enable any publisher to get text ads on their sites so they could concentrate on writing. That’s developed significantly. Acquired ‘Double click’ looking at display ads then mobile apps. We work with people from individual to daily papers to allow them to get ads on their sites, subscription models.

Leadership: Steve has led teams in Austria, the United States and London and globally from small teams to hundreds of people, and has been with Google 9 for years.

Question: How do you understand Leadership how do you see different form of leadership in different approaches?
Leadership is very different to management. Leadership is about understanding where you’re going as a business and making it tangible for people in the organisation in a way that makes them want to follow you. Management is about ensuring you have the tools the processes, the people, the logistics.

Question: How do you map out the future of google?
The future: BREXIT doesn’t affect the outlook specifically; UK and Europe will still be good places to do business. 3 things affect what we do. Political landscape, competitive landscape, social landscape. They’re related. Sociology and political. As society changes certain things become critical or not. Society becomes more critical as a company grows. Issues of privacy, monopolise and taxation become more important.

Question: Particular references of Communication on a day to day level within the employees and colleagues could you tell as on how that happens and how that accountability happens?
Communication: Google still has daily or weekly stand-ups, don’t sit down. Leave when you’re done. Projects reports, snippets written down for everyone in the company. Also, formal level monthly all hands meetings, for groups less than 100. Corporate all-hands for larger numbers. Communication forums for interesting projects, company announcement, happen last thing on Friday.

Question: What company(Google) doing well and not?
Google does scale really well, now doing products with potential to scale to 1Billion users. Sometimes less successful in the social space, not all product ideas have been well taken up.

Question: Are there a couple of issues which could give us to do our assignment?
‘One of the things we’re looking at is what is happening in the publishing world in developing markets. The developing world has leapfrogged the whole desktop world, at one time we thought tablets would be massive. Penetration of mobile phones is 100% in some areas of the developing world which means they immediately have video and image so to understand that world to monetise in a sensitive way is an interesting challenge for us.’

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