Terrorism Studies


“Critically evaluate the UK Government “PREVENT” & CONTEST counterterrorism strategy; Review the strengths and weaknesses as described in academic literature.”

Within the essay answer, you should consider community issues, trust, confidence, and the legitimacy of the police and other government agencies.

Learning Outcomes to be covered by the Essay
a) Critically evaluate UK & Global strategy known as CONTEST and PREVENT

b) Critically evaluate the UK’s approach to countering terrorism.

c) Evaluate and review the historical background to terrorism, its forms and divergent objectives.

d) Critically evaluate the limitations of counter-terrorism measures and tactics.

e) Review the UK approach to fighting Terrorist related activities including PREVENT and BRITISH VALUES

f) Review the legislative framework of Terrorism, its application and the structures and partnership arrangements which support it.

g) Recognise the tensions which may arise in countering terrorism and the potential impact on community cohesion.

h) Conclude that the above is effective and successful or not

Submission Details
Work must be done in an essay style format and follow paragraph style layout and avoiding making statements using bullet points or a list.
Your assignment must be referenced where appropriate using HARVARD referencing throughout. That means citing any literature, journals and online sources you use to say where you obtained each piece of information and to enable the reader to go to the original source.

Essay marking matrix on next page….
Classification Relevance Knowledge Analysis Argument & Structure Presentation

Completely and directly relevant to the title.

Able to address the implications, assumptions and nuances of the title.

Relevance to practice is thoroughly and explicitly addressed.
Makes excellent use of a comprehensive range of theory and practice knowledge.

Demonstrates a clear ability in the manipulation and expression of material to demonstrate a solid understanding of the issues in both theory and practice.
A comprehensive analysis of the material resulting in very clear and illuminating conclusions.
Very coherent and logically structured, making creative use of an appropriate mode of argument and/or theoretical model.

Excellently written answer with standard spelling and syntax.

Style is lucid and resourceful with appropriate referencing and bibliography.

Directly relevant to the title.

Is able to demonstrate effective practice relevance.
Makes effective use of good theory and practice knowledge.

Manipulates and transfers some material to demonstrate a clear grasp of the themes, questions and issues in theory and practice.
Very good analysis of the material resulting in clear and logical conclusions.
Generally coherent and logically constructed.

Uses an appropriate mode of argument or theoretical model.
Well written with standard spelling and syntax.

Style is lucid utilising an appropriate format referencing and bibliography.

Generally addresses the title, sometimes addresses irrelevant issues.

Relevance to practice effectively addressed, may be implicit in places.
Adequate knowledge of a fair range of relevant theoretical and practice related material with evidence of an appreciation of its significance.
Adequate analytical treatment, with occasional descriptive or narrative passages which lack clear analytical purpose.

Conclusions are clear.
Adequate attempt to construct a coherent argument, but may suffer loss of focus and consistency.
Issues at stake may lack clarity or theoretical models are couched in simplistic terms.
Competently written with only minor lapses from standard spelling and syntax.

Style is readable with acceptable format, referencing and bibliography.

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