Knowledge Management project

You are planning to build a KM project that can help the students in every aspect of their academic life at the university; registration, academic advising, grievance, attendance, exams, graduations, and all kind of rules and regulations students need to know.
1- What are all possible processes needed to implement this KM (give real values and activities for the processes not general ones)? (20 pts)
2- What are the Technologies and mechanisms needed to build and implement the different processes systems? (Give real activities and technologies for the processes not general ones)? (20 pts)
3- What are the infrastructure needed to implement the different technologies and
Mechanisms? (10 pts)
4- Where do you think contingencies would affect such KM system and how? (10 pts)
6- How would you assess this KM system ( use the real components and activities of this sytem). (20 pts)



Sample Solution

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