E-Commerce for Business Portfolio Report


Answer 5 in-depth e-commerce for business questions based on the given scenario. Topics include successful e-business models, Identity and comparing Customer Relationship Management, Social, legal and ethical issues. Academic references preferred.

Each task should demonstrate a sound theoretical knowledge of e-commerce for business. To do this, considerable research must be carried out clearly evidenced, using a wide range of references, shown via the correct Harvard style of referencing.

Portfolio Tasks 2-5 (LO 2-4)
Fashionistas is a retail clothing store that was established in 2014. The owners of the business are looking to expand their presence in the fashion market by marketing their clothes online.

The business currently runs from 5 shops, located in the North of England. Individual shop managers procure stock locally, catering to local tastes and requirements. The owners would like to centralise stock procurement and would like to use technology to streamline this process.

The business currently has no website, and the only ‘E-Commerce’ they use are simple chip and pin machines that they hire through Cardsure.net. Although tills are digital they are not linked to a central database of stock.

The owners of the business is new to e-commerce and e-business technologies. Before deciding whether to proceed with online marketing, they have a number of questions. These questions will be answered by you and form the basis of your written portfolio.

Question 1 – approximately 1000 words
What successful e-business models are there and which one would be relevant for Fashionistas to adopt

Question 2 – approximately 1000 words
Identify and compare Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in relation to an Ebusiness and suggest which type of CRM Fashionistas would benefit from.

Question 3 – approximately 500 words
How should Fashionistas apply e-business strategies to each of their main business functions, including sales, marketing, HR, finance, supply chain, procurement. Will these functions change, if so how?

Question 4 – approximately 1000 words
Identify and explain the benefits and barriers Fashionistas and their customers will encounter once they move to e-commerce. Describe further how any barriers can be overcome.

Question 5 – approximately 500 words
What Social, legal and ethical issues will need to be considered, by Fashionistas, when selling online?

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