Making Arguments Across Media


See step by step instructions. The topic selected was GUN CONTROL. Someone really familiar with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook must write this argument. There is an important Note included on the attached materials

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Making Arguments Across Media
A Note before beginning: The writer must be very knowledgeable using Instagram, Facebook
and Twitter. The essay must document how the argument surrounding Gun Control was tracked
across these media sources. In the end, I (the student) must give a speech on how it was tracked
and the purpose of the argument, rhetorical devices (such as the rhetorical triangle) were adapted
to different media in order to construct the argument in different forms and any discoveries
Students will study how arguments are made across various media including Youtube, Twitter,
Instagram, and Facebook as well as internet memes, vines, Snapchat and others. By studying
how arguments appear in this relatively new type of media, students can learn that fundamental
principles of rhetorical argument such as logos, ethos, pathos, purpose ,audience, context,
metaphor, and tone, exist throughout all kinds of rhetoric and that making argument across these
various platforms employ those principles while also using the unique benefits and restriction of
each type of media.
By thinking about these types of media as simply further genres that rhetorical arguments can be
made with, students will discover the founding principles of rhetoric all around them being
employed in new and creative ways.
Part I- Essay Assignment (150 points):
Students will decide on an argument/claim that they wish to track on the internet. Topics can
cover a wide range however the topic should comment on a relevant issue.
Students will then track their argument across 3-4 different media platforms of their choice with
the goal of seeing how to adapt rhetoric to meet the format of each of the media and the
expectations of what students perceive the audience of each type of media to be. This will
require students to not only understand how to translate an argument across multiple platform
and audiences but will also necessitate literacy in each format as students learn the nuances,
benefits, and limitations, of the media that they analyze.
An essay that describes the process the student went through in tracking an argument through
different mediums will be used as a reporting device to document their understanding of how to
manipulate the format of an argument so that it is successfully translated into the various social
media used today. Essays should focus on the process of adapting a rhetorical argument to
different media and the challenges of communicating in each of these media as well as the
 MLA Format (Times New Roman, size 12 font)
 4 pages
 Invention techniques, planning and organizational process

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