Marketing research context

1. Develop a Research Context
This section sets the context of your investigation and overviews the marketing problem (the impact from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective) ascertaining the importance, magnitude and priority of the issue. Hence, why it is worth investigating and why it is imperative do so.
With respect to the marketing problem:
1. Include only relevant historical information about the company and/or the market or industry. (No blanket or generic history, of the company)
2. The circumstances which have led to the need to undertake research (i.e. How was the issue discovered?)
3. The impact and its magnitude to the company’s operations (How has this affected how the company operates? Is there a conflict with the company’s vision or strategy? Are there long-term or far-reaching implications?)

Not enough information on the current assignment, and hasn’t answer the asked question as above.
Please include such as;
– Growth of Uber + Australia’s millennials roles
– Alternatives or competitors
– Overview and contextual background of Uber
• How millennials spend their money
• What do they think about Uber
• What is millennials attitude toward uber
– Uber pricing

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