Nation of Islam

“1) You gloss over NOI’s early attraction in saying, “The Blacks were trapped in

traditional religions that did not bring any significant change in their lives.” There’s a larger conversation here regarding the urban northern context and the growth of new black religious upstarts that attracted many black Christians. Please discuss this more fully.

2) Your paper seems to jump from a history of the NOI to an argument for its inclusiveness of women. As such, major developments in its history are missing. While you should not nor could not cover them all a few key events like EM’s son’s dissolution the NOI and Farrakhan’s successful reconstitution of the org, NOI’s connection to hip hop and how this actually revived Farrakhan and by extension the NOI in the national media. And speaking of media, social media and the sharing of Farrakhan’s speeches and other clips has bolstered the organization and its ideas. What role has media technology played in the continued growth of the org?



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