Neil Simon – rumors


Please watch play then write a critique addressing the questions below..

What was the artist trying to do?
•How well did he do it?
•Was it worth doing?

You need to address at least 4 of these to get full credit
•How do you think your mood may have influenced your response to the performance?
•What, if anything, seemed particularly noteworthy about the space in which the piece was performed?
•What was the story? What happened? How did people change?

Was there a central conflict? Did someone win? How did you feel about his or her victory?
•How did the time in which the play was set influence your response?
•How did the settings or use of space work?
•Were there significant ideas shared or lessons to be learned?
•Which of the five senses were most and least stimulated by the event?

•What did you think were the major strengths of this production?

The student responds critically to theatrical works with insightful observations and analysis that goes well beyond the obvious, superficial and basic summary; demonstrates knowledge of theatre concepts/vocabulary by accurately incorporating four or more terms/vocabulary from class and textbook learning; and uses specific, detailed examples from the play to support their analysis.

•The student articulates an insightful personal reaction to theatrical works, clearly explaining and contextualizing all of their opinions and the responses to the performance.

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