STEM in early childhood

This is basically Engineering part of STEM in early childhood. We need to explore what has been researched in engineering in early childhood. There isn’t a lot of work that has been done here. Here are the points that constitute the broad framework according to me but please feel free to alter as you deem fit. The points are:
• An overview and definition of STEM
• What is engineering in early childhood and the Missing E in early childhood (A lot of research has been done for the schools but much needs to be done in the field of early childhood. Also we are looking at the Australian context.
• What is the significance of my research e,g making a small contribution to the field of existing research.
• We need to refer to at least 15 to 20 literary sources
Please see criterion below for the literature review, this is required for the thesis as we really need high quality and proper referencing is also required as its critical for the marking purposes. we have to follow APA 6th version for referencing

Major scholars/authors/studies need to be included
Must include studies that relate to issues that are linked to my research question which is engineering in early childhhod
Understanding of the area of my proposed research whic is again engineering in early childhood
Theoretical influences of research in my field
We need to identify gaps in existing research and Critical arguments that justifies my research is needed
Clearly highlighting the potential contribution of my study
Critique existing literature
Well structured and flows easily

It is really important to critically analyse the existing literature without being negative. Every single one of the above mentioned criteria need to be met.
This assignment is related to the engineering part of STEM in early childhood — THIS LITERATURE REVIEW IS PART OF A MUCH LARGER ASSIGNMENT OF 7,000 WORDS. In regards to that, for a start please upload all documents as drafts even when you complete the literature review. This will leave the order open for me to add pages to it for you to work on it —THIS WILL REQUIRE A COMMITMENT FOR MAYBE A MONTH OR MORE SINCE IT IS ONGOING WORK SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU PROCEED —I have reviewed many articles which I would like you tO include in final work but please also do your own independent research —I will upload all relevant documents asap —ONLY TAKE UP THIS WORK IF YOU HAVE A SOLID BACKGROUND IN EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING/TEACHING WITH SOME TECHNICAL ENGINEERING KNOW HOW—Comprehensive draft required within 3 days at max.Also keep in mind, I would like ongoing communication about the progress of the order.

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