The role of film score in James Bond and Jason Bourne

Film score used in James Bond and Jason Bourne however main focus is James Bond but Jason Bourne is just to compare with James Bond. ( So Like the James Bond theme was especially written for the movie whilst the Jason Bourne one was not written )
Brief history of films ( James Bond and Jason Bourne )
Iconic theme – representing James Bond character and the movie ( powerful etc )

Talk about dr no – how Is the music used
Define memorable score
Scope history
Theme distinctive
Compare with 1980s bond theme how it is used in the movies

How used to identify bond
Announce bond as he arrives
Tell us something about him either action or response to something.
Look at 3 different bond films – elements / similar / different
Look at what makes a film score catchy/ selling.
History of soundtrack , when it become a big thing for the movie industry.

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