Write a program and coding it


Write a program to place an order from the restaurant menu below. Create the form and write the program so that after the button is clicked, the cost of the meal is calculated. The user must choose a Burger, but does not have to choose Fries and/or a Drink. Your program must deal with the possibility that the user does not choose one or both. It must also contain a “Reset Form” button that resets all the radio buttons on the form so that none of them are selected and clears any text in the textbox.
• The picture of the form in the textbook uses checkboxes as well as radio buttons. You should only use radio buttons.
• You do not need to consider sales tax when calculating the total cost.
*** If you haven’t done so previously ***
Before you begin please change the settings on the computer you are working on for Option Strict and Option Explicit to On . This will allow you to see error messages. To do this, go to Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – VB Defaults – set both Option Explicit and Option Strict to On.
Additional Requirements:
• When you name your project use your last name and HW7– for example. LastNameHW7.
• The file name of the form must be renamed appropriately in the Solution Explorer.
• All objects must be named with a proper 3-letter prefix and a meaningful name
• The text that appears in the title bar of the form must be “Menu”.
• The radio buttons must be grouped and the radio buttons must be left aligned.
• Place a comment at the top of your code with your name.
• Your code must be printed. On the printout you need to circle one example of each of the below and label it with the appropriate letter.
A. assignment statement
B. condition
C. property
D. radio button
E. variable
Testing Table:
You must submit a testing table to show that you have thoroughly tested the program. The testing table should be in the following format and contain at least 10 test cases (recall, the user must make a Burger selection but may or may not choose Fries and a Drink). As you test your program, make sure your program produces the correct meal cost.
Burger Selection
Fries Selection
Drink Selection
Cost of Meal
bottled water
1. Print out a copy of your event procedure (with your name at the top in a comment). To do this, you must view the event procedure.
• In the Solution Explorer, double click on the form that contains the event procedure.
• A new tab will appear that contains the Visual Basic code for this form.
• Click File | Print.
2. Print out your testing table.
3. Submit your testing table on Blackboard.
4. To submit your program you will need to “zip” the folder and then submit the .zip file on Blackboard for grading.
To create a zip file of your project in order to electronically submit your program to your professor
 using the built in compression software:
• Navigate to the top folder for your project in Windows Explorer or My Computer.
• Right click on the project folder (the top folder for the project) and mouse over Send to and click Compressed (zipped) file.
• Navigate to the folder containing your project to verify that the .zip file was created.
 using WinZip:
• Navigate to the folder for your project in Windows Explorer.
• Right click on the project folder and mouse over WinZip. Click Add to zip file…
• On the dialog box that appears do not change the default location for the zipped file and click Add.
• Close the WinZip application after the files have been added.
• Navigate to the folder containing your project to verify that the .zip file was created.

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