Governance Planning

Kate now needs to know how The ATA should be tracking the project’s progress without imposing a complex process on a relative low value project (as important to the East Timor society as it is) and overloading her limited resources. She wants to know how her finance is tracking, how well the project is adhering to the schedule, how well her risk plan is working and whether there is any emerging risk and anything else you deem necessary for project reporting and governance purposes. More importantly, how will all this data be reported and presented, and how frequently? The CEO needs a regular project summary so that she can keep the Board up to date on the project achievements.
Case Study Videos and links to material required for assignment please review all: (List available to view all videos for the assessments)

We recommend you watch *all* of the ATA videos before you begin your assessment activities. You may need to review these specific videos for this assessment task:

Video 5: Leadership in Managing the East Timor Project; (Important)

Now the planning for the project has largely been completed and you have most of your plans formalised, i.e., risk management plans, your project schedule baselined, budget and resource plan. The questions are:

How would Kate monitor and control the project, and
What type of information/data should Kate be providing the stakeholders and the CEO so that they can be assured that the project is proceeding as planned?




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