Parenting research paper


Your 12-year-old daughter who has never had a weight or eating problem is now worrying that she is too fat. The mother of one of her friends has just told you that she thinks your daughter may be bulimic

1) Prepare a 7 – 10 page (not including title and reference pages) scholarly research paper on the underlying issue/issues of the scenario you chose in the Lot in Life Applied Final Project and a description of how parents can address the issue/s — based upon at least one human development theory and up-to-date research findings (published since 2010). Your paper should include information from at least 8 primary scholarly sources of information (peer reviewed journal articles published in the last five years and books authored by theorists studied in our course. These sources of information are in addition to information from government and community agencies.
2) If, in addition to the required sources of information as described above, you include World Wide Web sources of information on your topic, you will want to review the guidelines for evaluating Internet sources of information (see “Web Resources” sub-heading below). Do not draw information from Wikipedia.
3) Sources of information should be cited and referenced in APA 6th edition, style.
Note: Your references for Part 3 do not have the be the same sources of information included in Parts 1 and 2. You may have located more appropriate and/or more recent sources of information since the submission of Parts 1 and 2.
4) You will contact at least two local community agencies (not just their websites) that provide face-to-face services, workshops, interventions, skills trainings, and support programs for individuals and families dealing with the issues and problems related to your selected scenario. (USE WEBSITE NO FACE TO FACE CONTACT)
5) Include descriptions of their mission statement, specific contact information, description of provided services and programs, etc. and cost of services, etc. Do provide links to websites.
6) Writing Tip: This is to be a scholarly paper, written in third person voice (do not write “I,” “we,” “you,” “us,” “our,” etc.
7) Assignment Format and Referencing Style: Write in essay/paragraph style.

Web Resources

As you use the Web for information, you should be aware of the fact that the Web has both good and bad information, as well as information that is biased. There are many online resources devoted to finding and evaluating information on the Web. A very detailed discussion of how to evaluate information can be found at Johns Hopkins University. Do not use Wikipedia as a source for your information.

Finally, sources that tend to have good information include the following: college or university department sites (be careful of student pages; some are very good, but some are not so good), professional organizations, governmental agencies, peer-reviewed academic journals, and professional journals.

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