The development of attachment in infancy and early childhood

a) Explore a number of sources (e.g., professional journals, books*, news magazines*, and the Internet*) to get some ideas that relate to the general topic stated above. *Note: Sources other than professional journals are simply places where you might get a good idea for the focus of your paper; they are not acceptable source material for this paper.

b) Narrow your topic to focus on a particular issue or question within the area of attachment and search the appropriate psychology databases for primary research articles published in professional journals. Try to limit your search to APA journals.

c) Select a minimum of 10 articles (publication date must not be before 2008) that focus on your selected issue or question. A minimum of 8 of your sources must be primary sources (i.e., journal articles from professional journals in disciplines such as psychology, education, medicine, business, etc.) and no more than 2 should be magazines, books, or general web sites. Do not use your textbook or any other standard psychology textbook as a source. They will not be counted and will lead to a point deduction.

d) Develop a thesis statement for your paper.



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