SQWl Coding Project

Design and Construct a database system for a business case for at least three entities (tables). The tables should contain a reasonable number of constraint tuples (rows), not too few and not too many. The following properties should be considered when submitting the final work:
1. Uniqueness: new and no duplicates
2. Originality: Creative effort invested by group members into the requirements that gives them a new quality or character. The problem statement contains indicators for freshness of aspect, design, or style.
3. Completeness: The state of being complete.
4. Readability: The ease in which anyone can read and understand the work.
5. Creativity: Artistic or intellectual inventiveness. We can define creativity as innovation which refers to the introduction of novel things.

Final work should include the following:

PART I: Project description and data modeling (total points 20)
1. Write an executive summary of the business case ( Maximum of one page, 5 points)
2. Draw the Entity-Relationship model by showing all necessary attributes and identifiers and relationships (10 points)
3. Construct a data dictionary table of all attributes in tables (5 Points)

PART II: Implementation (Total points 70)
1. Create the tables identified in part I in SQL+ under Oracle (10 points)
2. Insert at least 20 rows in each table, and display the tables. (10 points)
3. Write at least 20 questions to display data from tables. Questions should span all topics covered in class (20 points)
4. Write the corresponding SQL statement for each question in step 3 and execute them. In this section, you should include a screenshot of your program’s output, based on the sample data that you provided. (30 points).

PART III: Self Reflection (Total points 10)
In this section, you should reflect on what you have learned in this project, and outline the challenges that you have faced while working on this project, and how you overcame them. Include contribution of each team members:
1. <Student ID> <Name>: <Explain work done in project>
2. <Student ID> <Name>: <Explain work done in project>

PART IV: Submissions
1. Each team member must submit a softcopy to Bb\Submission\Project
2. Team must submit one hard copy to instructor.

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