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Identify and discuss the key contributions of Rudolf Laban and Mary Wigman to Modern European Dance?with a clear consideration of political and historical factors. outline in 24 hours draft in 48 hours 1 similar rate low than 5% 100% original 2 not out of topic 3 no mistake in Grammar 4 no format problem 5 no sources/citations issues ( all reference has in-text reference , all in-text reference put in reference list) 6 Word count enough 7 add table of content match subtitle 8 add introduction conclusion 9 add abstract 10 add recommendation and limmitation 11 Instruction fully covered 12 Paper not lacks proper research 13 not Wrong data/statistics/calculations present 14 more reference 15 require rich graphs, tables and/or charts to enrich paper 16 extension revision in 14days 17 sign high level top 10writer 18 The first name in topic is school name do nor sign same writer in one school 19 make sure 100% pass 20 reference is academic

Write an essay of 1,300 words in answer to one of the four essay questions listed below.
1. Compare and contrast one artwork from list A, and the works and ideas of one artist in
list B, in relation to the key characteristics of Modernism:
Fernand Léger – La Ville
Igor Stravinsky – Le Sacre du Printemps
Oskar Schlemmer – Triadic Ballet
Fernand Léger – Le Ballet Mecanique
Loie Fuller
Isadora Duncan
Ruth St. Denis
Mary Wigman
2. Discuss the importance of Katherine Dunham’s contribution to American Modern Dance.
3. Discuss the role and value of dance in a Primary School setting, with a clear consideration
of political and historical factors.
4. Identify and discuss the key contributions of Rudolf Laban and Mary Wigman to Modern
European Dance, with a clear consideration of political and historical factors.
Assignment Submission Guidelines:
Please submit your essay electronically via Turnitin on Moodle.
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Reassessment: Resubmission of essay by agreed deadline between Module Leader and
Study Expectations:
Activity % Expected Time in Study
Lecture 20%
Self-Guided 68%
Seminar 10%
Tutorial 2%
Intended Module Learning Outcomes:
The intended learning outcomes are that on completion of this module the student should
be able to:
LO1. To explore and articulate a dance subject through critical reflection on its wider
cultural contexts, including social, political and economic factors.
LO2. To research and organise information from a range of sources into a clear discussion of
dance or dance-related practices.
LO3. To employ appropriate academic convention in the structuring and formatting of
formal writing, including referencing and grammar.
If you fail to submit work for the module or submit an assessed piece of work late
without an agreed extension, you will receive a mark of 0% for that piece of work,
even if it is one minute late. You will however be eligible for a re-sit attempt at the
next available assessment opportunity where your mark will be capped at 40%. You
must make every effort to submit the best work possible on the submission date.
If your assignment is submitted online please do not leave it until the last minute to
submit. Aim to submit in the working day before the deadline, or earlier, in case there are
problems submitting.

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