Gender Inequality in Jordan and Middle East

The Second essay (Masters Level) is Dissertation Proposal: And these are the instructions: The Topic: is relating to gender inequality in Jordan and Middle East. Deadline for the dissertation proposal is in the 3rd of May 2018. The title page MUST clearly indicate the total word count. Word limit is 2000 words. The word total excludes the references and the Gantt Chart. Font size 12, with double spacing and NO footnotes References: Harvard Style, NO less than 25 references. The proposal SHOULD include the following (indicated word counts are meant only as a guide). Title: This should be short and explanatory Introduction: a concise introduction that ’sets the scene’ for the research problem you are addressing (± 200 words) Research Context: a critical review of relevant literature. Your proposal should contain a clear rationale for your research. What is the current state of debate in the academic literature on your topic? What are the different perspectives? What is the gap that needs to be filled or problem to be solved? This section should help justify why this research is needed. This discussion should be placed within the context of existing research. This section should help generate your research aim and objectives (or questions) (± 1,100 words) Research questions (these can be phrased as aim and objectives if you prefer): you will need to provide one clear and succinct aim and several objectives that relate to your aim. It is important that the aim and objectives be realistic regarding what can be achieved during the research. Or a few research questions are extremely helpful if they are well formulated and with a clear scope. (± 100-200 words) Methodology and Analysis: This should describe your proposed research methodology and methods of data collection and provide a justification for their use in the context of the issues to be addressed in the dissertation (the methodology should help to reach aim and objectives or to answer the research questions). It should be clear what frameworks and/or conceptual literature will be used to analyse your data. It should demonstrate what analysis you will carry out for each of the research objectives or research questions. This section can empirically introduce the case study as well. Any limitations of the study should be highlighted. (± 500 words) Timetable: This should outline key activities (and estimated completion dates) for completing your dissertation by the submission date. The timetable should specify each of the dissertation chapters and briefly what they will include. This should be presented in a Gantt Chart (word count excludes Gantt Chart)

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