Healthy People 2020 Impact

provide the framework for the study of infectious and chronic diseases, which provides a rich source of data for the analysis of trends in disease and health. This assignment will offer the opportunity to explore the areas in need of preventative measures such as emerging infectious diseases, common chronic disease, environmental exposures, and emergency preparedness. COURSE OUTCOMES Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: CO 3: Identify appropriate outcome measures and study designs applicable to epidemiological subfields such as infectious disease, chronic disease, environmental exposures, reproductive health, and genetics. CO 6: Identify important sources of epidemiological data. TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE: 100 POINTS DUE DATE: SUBMIT YOUR FILE(S) BY SUNDAY, 11:59 P.M. MT AT THE END OF WEEK 1 REQUIREMENTS Criteria for Content Select a topic of interest from Healthy People 2020. Provide an overview of the topic along with the Healthy People 2020 goal for the problem. Identify a program aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality for that problem on a city, county, or statewide level. In a one to two page summary, address the following. : HEART DISEASE AND STROKE (FLORIDA)



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