Individual Project Plan


Produce a project plan for a suitable project for your work-place. The Project Plan will include the use of Project Management tools and techniques explained below. You will need to submit the project plan (maximum 2,000 words, apart from the relevant appendices that you are required to illustrate!) with clear indication of your contributions. List of projects to be considered (only examples): – Educating/training business executives on the use of ‘decision making systems’ software. – Relocating a manufacturing facility of automobile company from the India to Oman. – Organizing a blood donation camp in Luton – Launching of any new product in the market. – Develop a new educational board-game for new skills (example supply chain management and logistics management) – Create a fund raising event for a renowned charity. You should include the following: – Project Introduction and Objectives – Project team and their roles; – Project stages and key deliverables – Project time management (Work Breakdown Structure; Activity List; Gantt Chart in MS Project; Network Diagram and Critical Path) – Budget (cost) – Quality Plan. – Risk Log/Register; Unit Learning Outcomes assessed: Demonstrate an in depth knowledge and systematic understanding of project management theory and tools linked to the planning of projects Select and apply appropriate project management tools and techniques for the purpose of effective planning of projects. Format: MS Word & MS Project The work Should be as considered the below information: Project Objectives & Introduction: Intro & Project Objectives clear, precise and SMART Project team roles: Excellent complete, correct and detailed WBS/PBS. Project stages and Key deliverables Time Management: Good consideration of WBS, Activity List. Gantt Chart correct, readable and well analyzed. All resources identified for each activity. Network Diagram done in Excel, or by hand and shows the activity node values; Network Diagram neat and correct; CP clear & correct. Budget (costing): Project budget is done in Excel, or by hand and shows the activity node values; Project budget is neat, appropriate & correct. Risk Register: Risks identified and analysed, detailed responses planned, with proximity of risks. Quality Plan: Quality responsibilities, quality criteria and quality methods completed to a high standard, with systems described for tracking and updating. – References Should be Harvard UK Style and not less than 12 recourses and it should be from 2010 – 2018. From mostly books, Journals and online.

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