Marketing Metrics and Analysis


CB Shoes Ltd (anonymised) is a small family-run business that sells shoes for men, women, and children. Shoes are sold online through the company website, but also through two stores in the north of England. As an independent UK business, CB Shoes employs around 20 people, and has been in operation for several decades now. It positions itself as a seller of well-known brands including Timberland and UGG, but also shoes of less-known brands that are more niche in style, thus attempting to differentiate itself from its competitors. The brand also seems to have developed a reputation for children’s shoes.
As a new tax-year is about to begin, the CEO of the company, Anita Bradley, is of the opinion that the company’s marketing strategy must look to the future. She has recruited you as a consultant to carry out some digital marketing analysis and advise her on CB Shoes’ digital marketing strategy. Anita has provided some specific details and instructions, which are set-out below, to guide your analysis.
1. Given its importance as a storefront, CB shoes’ website should adhere to a high standard of accessibility and user experience (UX) in the industry. She feels that an accessibility and UX evaluation of her closest competitors’ websites would tell her what the industry benchmark is. This in turn will set the standard for improving her company’s website. You are required to carry out this accessibility and UX analysis on at least the top two players in the industry and report on the results of your analysis.
As part of this analysis, you are also required to report on the state of social media engagement, based on social media actions (e.g. likes, shares), for the top competitors.
(25% total weighting)
2. Anita believes that quantitative metrics paint only part of the picture, and some qualitative analysis can yield insights, particularly into the mind of the target market. Accordingly, she would like you to conduct some textual analysis of social media comments (e.g. content or sentiment analysis), and report on the qualitative insights you have derived. (20% weighting)
3. In the next level of your analysis, you are required to assess the state of CB Shoes from a strategic digital marketing perspective. For this purpose, Anita has made available a raw data-sheet (excel spreadsheet) containing outputs from CB website. You are expected to conduct a detailed analysis, querying the data-sheet as you see appropriate, and extract insights into the performance of CB shoes.
(25% weighting)
4. Having conducted several types and levels of analyses thus far, synthesise your key findings, and recommend a coherent marketing strategy for CB Shoes going forward. You are encouraged to focus your recommendations, on such matters as whether the company should consider opening more high street stores on re-focus on web-sales, and if it should specialise on kids’ shoes. You may also highlight any other direction of strategic development based on your findings. Present your recommendations with good justification and business-sense. (30% total weighting)




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