Quality Problems in Chinese Products


Identify problem products made in China. This included products sold in USA and other countries. Arrange the list in chronological order by the end date of manufacturing the product with the latest problem first. Please supply the following information on each problem.

Item / Column Headings Example (One Row for Each Item)
1. Product Toothpaste
2. Problem Antifreeze in toothpaste
3. Consequences to Consumer Death, Blindness
4. Company (in China) WSRET Inc.
5. Sold in USA (brand names) Colgate, Walmart, Kroger, A&P (May NOT be sold in USA)
6. Sold in other countries France, Brazil, India (Countries only)
7. Start Date of Production Problem 1-2-07
8. End Date of Production Problem 3-5-07
9. Number of Units 3,000,000 tubes
10. Who Identified Problem Product Safety Group, US government
11. Source of Information NY Times
12. Source Date of Publication 7-8-13

The information is collected in a spreadsheet template under the Recalls tab using the 12 headings above. Then, count the number of recalls in the classifications under the By Categories tab.

Categories for China Recalls
1. Construction Materials
2. Toys for Children
3. Clothes/Shoes
4. Furniture
5. Electronics
6. Appliances
7. Auto Accessories/Tires
8. Exercises Equipment
9. Sports Goods/Camping
10. Medical/Drugs
11. Child Seat, Crib, etc.
12. Food-People
13 Food-Pet
14. Houseware/Glassware
15. Tools/chain Saw
16. Lights
17. Batteries

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