Social issue paper


Social Issue Prompts
This paper asks you to write a well-researched social issue essay.
Total: 6.5-7 pages. NO LESS.
MLA format required for citations.
Papers that do not meet these basic standards will receive an F.
This paper asks you to identify one particular social issue relevant to contemporary America (2008-2018). In this paper, you will balance multiple sources to discuss your issue.
Sources that must be included are:
1. Primary Source. Quote from the primary source TWICE.
Love Me Tinder, Emily Witt
2. Quote from the PR ONCE:
(2) peer reviewed articles provided already. You may substitute one secondary source for an interview. This interview must be conducted in a professional manner in which you explain the reasons for asking the particular individual the questions, state and explain the questions asked, and convincingly relate this interview to your main topic.
3. A visual image relating to your issue.
Explore three ways online dating (you must choose ONE application/website) has influenced your particular community. If you offer negative side effects, ensure that you offer ways to improve such detriments. Ensure you explain the target audience of these websites/apps and discuss their foundation/history. To ensure you have a thesis, make sure you answer this question (in some way): What effects does _____ have on contemporary American culture? PRIMARY SOURCE: Love Me Tinder

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