Sport Clubs and Facilities Management

AssA strategic plan is a very common planning document in sports club and facilities management. A strategic plan helps define objectives for a sports club or facility – both what it hopes to achieve now and in the future. To complete an effective strategic plan sports club and facilities managers need to have a good understanding of the key aspects of running sports facilities and events as well as the management theories that underpin them.
Across Weeks 1 to 6 of this unit, we explore four key aspects of running sports facilities and events and the issues and challenges associated with human resources, planning, systems and operations. These issues vary between local, state and national standard sporting facilities and events. Most sport and recreation facilities, whether community based or commercially focused, have the same general management goals – maximising the use of their facility and operating in an efficient, effective, safe and ethical manner.

act as the manager for an existing facility of your choice. Your task is to develop a strategic plan that aims to raise both the quality and efficiency of service delivery for this facility.
Step 1: Familiarise yourself with the requirements
Review the Club strategic plan sample (DOC 80 KB) and Swimming pool strategic plan template (DOC 78 KB) for some guidance on what your strategic plan should cover. Your strategic plan should follow the format in the template. Be particularly careful with the word count—your strategic plan should only contain bullet points and concise summaries.
Take a look at the Assignment criteria for more detail on how your strategic plan will be assessed. Keep it handy as you build your plan.
Step 2: Select a facility
Now that you have an idea of what is required for this assignment, choose a facility—one which you can find sufficient information to inform the various sections of your strategic plan. If you have any questions regarding your choice, post them to the Assignment 1 Q&A discussion board. Your eLA will be able to provide you with guidance.
Step 3: Conduct research
As a starting point look for information that would help you to develop a profile of your chosen facility. This includes an understanding of the ownership model of this facility and key aspects of this model i.e. staffing, job roles, funding sources.
Step 4: Produce your draft plan




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