Cold War /Post-War: Themes in Comparative European History since 1945

1. “The Second World War set the framework for half a century of Cold War in Europe”. Discuss. 2. “German Nazism and Japanese militarism only delayed an inevitable confrontation between the USSR and the United States for ca. 15 years.” Discuss. 3. Analyse Soviet perceptions of Anglo-Saxon policies in Europe in the years 1945 to 1947. 4. “The Marshall plan did not start the division of Europe but marked a point of no return.” Discuss. 5. Analyse the impact of the Prague Coup of February 1948 on Western Europe and transatlantic relations. 6. Why and to what extent and was the beginning of European integration in the 1950s in particular a French project? 7. To what extent did the policy of détente help to bring down Communism in Eastern Europe? 8. To what extent did the opening of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 lead to the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe? 9. How can we explain the longevity of Communism in the Soviet Union? Discuss with reference to the years 1945 to 1990.



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