Country of choice is Ethiopia in sub-Saharan Africa Social Determinants of Health In this individual assignment, you will be taking a closer look at the specific issues in your group’s chosen country. Each team member has selected at least one social determinants of health issue identified as significant for the country chosen for your Field Experience Proposal. You will analyze your selected social determinant or determinants of health, incorporating the major bullet points below. Address the following major points in the chosen country: • Describe the demographic profile. • Identify data related to each social determinant of health. • Identify and analyze the current health policy and how it impacts the social determinant of health. • Identify strategies for addressing health disparities. • Identify socioeconomic factors. • Identify cultural influences. • Identify environmental factors. • Identify any other contributing factors that influence the status of the social determinant of health. • Analyze the social determinants of health against all influencing factors. • Analyze the relationship of national health policy to global policy initiatives, including the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and the recommendations from the Commission of Social Determinants of Health.



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