Economic Analysis of Service Sector Growth with auxiliary measures of output in conjunction with GNP

Explain what the findings mean with theoretical framework and derive answer to the research question. Theoretical implications: This section should discuss the contribution of research project to the knowledge and understanding of the phenomena in research project. Practical implications: Any implications and recommendations for practice that stem from this research project need to be explained. Limitations: Identify significant limitations of the research findings and explain. Directions of future research: You can explain what the new economic indicators that the WHO or other organizations are considering and suggest it for future research work. Also, you can suggest looking at emerging economies for the same social welfare indicators and auxiliary output comparisons. Reflections: This section should contain analysis and evaluation of the research process. 1. Has the dissertation fulfilled its objectives? 2. How do the research process and outcomes compare

with initial expectations? 3. What difficulties were encountered in the research process and how it was resolved? 4. What have you learned from the research project? 5. How would you improve the project in the light of experiences?




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