Management of Technology


Essay Question: Using theories and concepts from the module critically examine the management and organization of political, social and/or economic dimensions of technology. Choose a particular example of technology to illustrate your answer. At one to one sessions you are advised to discuss with the module leader the development of your ideas and the suitability, integration and application of your chosen: 1.Technology i.e. social media, wearable technology, 3D printers; 2.Concepts i.e. Social Construction of Technology, Actor-Network Theory, sociomateriality; 3. Political, social and/or economic dimensions i.e. power and knowledge, surveillance and identity, the digital divide. Additional Guidance: You should choose 1 example of technology. You can draw on as many concepts from the module as you wish; as long as they are appropriate for your analysis and help you make your argument. You can explore as many dimensions as you wish; as long as they are appropriate for your analysis and help you make your argument: You may wish to explore: – the political implications of your technology; – the social implications of your technology; – the economic implications of your technology; – a mix 2 of these; – all 3 of these. The assignment is open for you to choose your own technology and analyze it in the way that you find interesting and important. You can use the concepts from the module which you find most help you analyze your technology; and you can explore the dimensions (political, social, economic) which you believe are most relevant to the analysis of your technology. Any of the options outlined above are equally viable and you can make your own choices with the guidance of the module director and formative feedback.

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