Analysis of Counselling session

This assignment can be formatted using subheadings (e.g: Part 1, Part 2 etc). Please include a short introduction and conclusion (which will not count towards the overall word limit) to orient the reader to the assignment’s focus. A single reference list at the conclusion of the overall assignment (rather than individual reference lists for each assignment section) will be sufficient. There is no need to include an abstract, although a title page (including your name, student number, unit code, assignment number and actual word limit) is requested.

Task: Provide a 25-40 minute video recording of an initial counselling session between yourself and another individual. Submit this recording for assessment of the microskills demonstrated. (30 marks) (attached) In light of this session, critically analyse the video recording in terms of: 1. How well you were able to establish a therapeutic relationship. Substantiate your answer with examples from the session and references to the literature. (1000 words, 10 marks) 2. How well (e.g. very well, poorly, or not at all) you demonstrated the following counselling micro skills in the session: Empathy towards the client; attending to the client’s non-verbal communication; being accepting and giving unconditional positive regard; being genuine; paraphrasing and summarising; reflecting feelings; using open and closed questions. Substantiate your responses with specific examples from the session and references to the literature. (1000 words, 10 marks) 3. With reference to one of the models discussed in Module 3 (ie: Egan, Ivey, Hill, Corey & Corey) which aspects of this model were you able to demonstrate effectively in the video? Provide specific examples from the session and references from the literature to illustrate your answer. (500 words, 5 marks) 4. If this session had been conducted via Skype, what additional considerations would you need to have made as the counsellor? Please substantiate your response with references to the literature. (500 words, 5 marks)

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