Answer 33 question correctly

please make sure to answer 33 question correctly with 1 to 3 sentences. the ​answer should from this book Global Issues Selections, the 2017 edition ​,written by CQ Researcher, and published by Sage/ CQ

Please answer the following questions by following the same instructions. All answers must be between 1 and 3 sentences long and no longer. The original questions MUST be included.

1.According to your text, what obstacles do American women say they often face that men do
NOT face?

2. What women leaders on the international scene were identified by your text? Identify three.

3.According to your text, society continues to hold women to different standards than men.
Illustrating this, how does your text describe signs carried by two vendors at Donald Trump
rallies, where one sign encouraging voters to oppose Hillary Clinton read: ______________
and another sign labelled “KFC Hillary Special” read: _____________________________.

4,According to your text, women at major tech firm companies like Apple and Facebook are
only about ______ percent of the employees and only about ____ percent of the executive
officers in Silicon Valley are women.

5. According to your text, what promise did former President Obama make regarding American
strength, American greatness and President Trump _______________________________?

6. According to your text, what two campaign promises did President Obama make but fall
short of achieving while in office?

7.What quote by former House Speaker John Boehner captures what your text describes as GOP
obstructionism in connection with the Obama agenda?

8.According to your text, as a leader and chief proponent of the birther movement, what
did Donald Trump eventually acknowledge?

9. According to your text, while foreign policy experts differ sharply in their assessments of Mr.
Obama’s foreign policy record, much of the debate over his foreign policy centers around

10.According to your text, what Bush administration phrase did Mr. Obama drop as
unnecessarily inflammatory?

11.According to your text, what “lewd” comment was made by Mr. Trump to “Hollywood
Access” host, Billy Bush, about women in 2005.

12. What international development during the Obama administration produced a short-lived
bump in Mr. Obama’s approval ratings?

13.According to your text, what promise did candidate trump make on the issue of immigration?

14.According to your text, what country leads the world in link-removal requests?

15.According to your text, what percentage of URL users asked Google to remove them
between May 2014 to the present?

16.According to your text, what form of social media had the most-removed websites (by
number) from May 2014 to the present?

17.According to your text, what percentage of Americans believed the right to be forgotten
should be a human right?

18.According to your text, unlike Europe, the U.S. does not have ______________________ .

19.According to your text, Russia outlaws speech that government officials deem ___________.

20.According to your text, what is the “eraser button” and where is it prominently used?

21.According to your text, is the “eraser law” essentially the same as the right to be forgotten?
Please explain.

22.Who is Annmarie Chiarini and how is she described in your text? What did she successfully

23.According to your text, who was Louis Brandeis and what landmark achievement did he

24.According to your text, Brandeis’ achievement paved the way for what development
mentioned in 1990?

25.What right widely recognized in the US today was NOT mentioned explicitly in the
U.S. Constitution?

26.What action did Congress take in 1998 regarding information that websites collect on
children under age 13?

27.Related to the action described in question 26 above, what would the Markey-Barton bill do
according to your text?

28.According to your text, what did a Pew Research Center poll find “earlier this year”?

29.According to your text, what is Tor and for what purpose is it most often used?

30.According to your text, about how many people worldwide in 2014 were estimated
to be Tor browser software users, every day?

31.How does your text describe China’s censorship program? What is the program called?
and how does it operate?

32.According to your text, the dark web also facilitates what other activities?

33.What conclusions does your text reach concerning the anonymized Web?

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