Sustainable Development & Refurbishment


You are a built environment professional working for a firm in Sheffield. Your firm has been approached by Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) to undertake a study for them into their recently acquired Eyre Lane building. They wish to redevelop it but it does not have to form a part of their usual business – i.e. it does not have to be classroom or offices. Your firm is being asked to develop a full proposal, in competition with other firms. Your role though is limited in this – you do not have to undertake every task.
The building is an unused, ex-street cleaning depot within the boundary of the city campus’s frontier. Task
Your job is to help win the work for your firm. You are to investigate the building, take notes and
decide on the best use of the building. You will submit:
 A “best use(s)” statement based on available data at the front of their submission with justifications as to why you have selected this/these.
 A proposed design (‘as is’ CAD / pdf plans are provided) – software or hand-drawn is acceptable – with annotations
In addition, please choose ONE of the following  A detailed specification
 A design risk assessment
 A priced Activity Schedule
 A BREEAM Pre-Assessment
 A Building Condition Statement (i.e. the Conclusions and Recommendations from a Building Survey)
 A Project Plan
Presentation of your Submission
 All typed work should be Arial (11pts) or Calibri (12pts)
 Please state the number of words used at the end of the assignment.
Cheating and Plagiarism
The University Regulations on academic conduct apply to all assessments. You are reminded that to represent as your own work the work of another person without acknowledgement is defined as plagiarism and is a breach of these regulations.
By submitting your work, you certify that it is your own work, and that the work of other people is duly referenced and acknowledged in accordance with the University’s Academic Misconduct Policy.
For more information refer to
Submission of your Assignments
 Hard copy submission to the Development and Society help desk on level 4
 You need to submit your assignment by the date and time specified on Blackboard.
 Your last submitted attempt will be the attempt that is marked.
 Your coursework is to be single sided (report and appendices that are not plans or maps) and stapled in the top left hand corner of the work. Plans should be folded and secured with the staple to the rest of the document. (do not bind the work)
It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is successfully submitted. Always check your submission receipt (including postal receipts). More guidance on online submission can be found on the module site.
If you have a learning contract which recommends the use of stickers for your work please make sure that you include the sticker at the top of your work.
Back-up and keep a copy of your work.
Failure to follow these rules may result in you being referred.
Return of your marked Assignment
Your mark will be returned to you via the Grade Centre on Blackboard normally within the University’s deadline. Should it become impossible to meet this deadline due to unforeseen circumstances you will be notified through the module site. Within the Grade Centre you will be able to see your mark and feedback for the assignment.
In-Module Retrieval of an Assessment Task
 Where in-module retrieval is available for an assessment task, if you have made an initial valid attempt but achieved below the pass mark, you may choose to rework the assessment task once only.
 To be a valid attempt, the initial coursework submission must be capable of being marked against the marking criteria set. There must be some genuine attempt to answer the brief in the format required.
 If you take the in-module retrieval and you pass the reworked assessment task, the mark for this assessment task will be capped at the pass mark.
 If you rework the assessment task and your mark is lower than your original mark, then the original mark stands.
 Refer to the module site for in-module retrieval submission dates. This date will be set by your module leader.
 Having taken or declined your in-module retrieval opportunities, if you do not pass the module on second attempt you will be referred and will have to undertake a further piece of referral assessment to pass the module.
For more information on in-module retrieval refer to:
Feedback (formative &/or summative, as appropriate) for the assessment will be in the following format:
• Guidance and advice in class
• An electronic generic feedback note, giving details of class performance, common issues etc.
• Individual electronic feedback in the form of feedback rubric and comments
• An opportunity to meet with a module tutor following reading of electronic feedback
You will have to find books, journals, professional standards etc. relevant to your subject. Key resources include those specified on Blackboard, plus may include other journals, periodicals, ‘media’ obtained through library searches and databases.
Extensions and extenuating circumstances (now Request to Repeat and Assessment Attempt)
You are advised to read the full procedures for the Submission of EERs and the Submission of Extenuating Circumstances within the SHU Regulations and Codes.
Assessment Criteria
(See table for this task at the end of this document)

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