English as a second langauge.


Need 4 smaller synopsis. Each has to be “3-4 pages” where a page is considered 2600 characters with spaces.
It’s quite a specific task, since all each four assignment has to be assigned a special area within ESL.
These being:
1. Communicative Competence and Language Education.
2. Language Acquisition and Foreign language Communication.
3. Intercultural Competence
4.Foreign Language Education Didactics.

What’s a bit worse is that it has to be connected with a practice element. This can be a teaching sequence, self-made teaching material or an analysis of a teaching material.

Furthermore they need an interlanguage analysis based on some example of a students text.
Both the Interlanguage analysis and the practice elements can be found online, or made up to fit the assignment, whatever fits you best. Which will be part of the appendix and not part of the 3-4 pages count. These can max be 2 pages each.

Please Note that the teaching is for 4-9th grade, which in Denmark is for for students between 10-15 years old.

I’ve also enclosed a PDF with an example of a students having made the 4 synopsis for inspiration or help on how it’s supposed to be made

Minimum of 4 sources per synopsis.

I will enclose a file of an model of how it should be made.
Please let me know if there is any questions.

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