Global Business Issues

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Select one or more organisations and prepare an individual report on how its operations, strategy and overall business have been affected by a range of global issues. In your answer include discussion on the following: Technology and Innovation Government policies and attitudes, especially those regarding international trade Corporate Social Responsibility and associated ethical issues. Cultural Factors The company / companies selected businesses should have been materially affected by the above issues. You may choose the same company for more than one issue or a separate one in considering each topic. The report should be structured to include an introduction that considers why these issues are important to global business followed by individual sections discussing each of the above topics. The final part of the report should be a conclusion in which you bring the issues together and analyse any links between them. You may include some recommendations if you believe it to be appropriate. In your discussion describe how the company has been affected, how it has reacted and whether the impact has been positive or negative.



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