Great Recession

During this module of the course, you have been learning about the role of government in the economy. State governments in the US vary in terms of what they provide residents, including differences in public spending on health, education, and law enforcement. Those variations relate to how much revenue each state generates from taxes. When the economy is thriving, tax revenue grows, but when the economy dips, tax revenue declines and state government must confront difficult spending decisions. This assignment asks you to analyze the impact of the Great Recession on state revenue. Step 1: Go to this website: 50#ind0 Step 2: Read the analysis tab to learn about these data on public spending in states. Step 3: Choose three states to compare the change in tax revenue over this time period. Step 4: Ceate one or more graphs in excel to show this change. Save the graph(s) you made by taking a screen shot. Step 5: Do they all follow the same path before and after the Economic Recession of 2008? Did any state far better than the others? Better than the 50 state average? Upload the image and the answers to these questions, with an overall explanation of what you found, to the Blackboard discussion forum.

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