Marketing strategy for McFashion(fast fashion) brands


This research’s aim is to maximize the potential for fast fashion brands through analysis and compare the marketing strategy(brand story,social media,brand awareness,promotion and partnership).

Develop a written proposal that will guide your Final Project work. This proposal should
demonstrate that you have read extensively around the topic and is based on solid preliminary
investigation into the research area.
For this assignment, you should submit a 3000-word Research Proposal, consisting of:
• Introduction (600 words)
• Literature review (1,000 words)
• Methodology (1,000 words)
• Reflections (400 words)
• Timetable
• List of references
• ERGO documentation
The purpose of your Research Proposal is for you to investigate a Research Question using theories
and analytical skills that you have learned on the Design Management Programme. Your research
question or issue should be relevant to a contemporary topic or challenge within the Design
Management field. Your Research Proposal should also contain images, figures and/or tables, and
other visual or interactive resources that might be relevant to communicate your ideas. These
should be used to help you portray and support your arguments.

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