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1) Risk management is super important. It’s for the same scenario (i will attach the doc) so the same way he did some parts i’d like him to do some other parts of the SLA.

It should contain risk matrix like this all –

2) 2nd part he need to do is : • Network diagrams where appropriate. I need to know what and what network diagrams he is going use for this scenario. at least 2 diagrams.

Please clarify these details with the writer and get back to me.

IMPORTANT : he need to provide referencing. i.e. from where he got the idea of the content. it should be academic reference and not wiki articles. and academic references must be latest. not older than 2015.

Ideal DIY is a national company which sells home improvement items to trade and private individuals. They have 6 very large warehouses around the country. Two super-sized warehouses are primarily run by robotic equipment, with a skeleton staff structure. These warehouses hold very large volumes of stock which is used to supply internet trade as well as distribute stock to the remaining 4 warehouses, which are accessible by both public and trade customers.
Each site has between 14-45 staff members, broken down as follows:
Site 1
Head Office: Six senior managers (Chief Executive, Director of Human Resources, Director of IT Services, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director of Security, Director of Purchasing)
Warehouse: Warehouse Manager, IT Manager, two IT services staff, 25 warehouse staff
Sites 2 & 3:
Super Warehouse: Warehouse Manager, IT Manager, four IT services staff, 8 warehouse staff
Sites 4, 5 & 6:
Warehouse Manager, IT Manager, three IT services staff, 40 warehouse staff
The sites are located at least 50 miles away from each other, and the main forms of communication use email, telephone and Skype. The warehouses are open 24 hours a day, and the super-warehouses do not stop operating – even on Christmas Day. The smaller warehouses do shut down on public holidays. Core office hours are 8am – 4.30pm. Warehouse staff work 12 hour shifts, 8am-8pm or 8pm-8am.
Warehouses currently make good use of Windows tablets to track stock levels and orders, and each staff member signs out a tablet when they start their shift. Each warehouse has thorough security controls and access, to ensure stock cannot be removed from the warehouse. As a result, workplace theft is very low.
The Senior Executive Team (SET) have announced their new business strategy for the forthcoming 3 years:
• To switch to drone delivery within a 10 mile radius of each warehouse for online orders only
o Year 1: drone deliveries to comprise 20% of the 10 mile radius deliveries
o Year 2: drone deliveries to comprise 50% of the 10 mile radius deliveries
o Year 3: drone deliveries to comprise 85% of the 10 mile radius deliveries
• To acquire two new buildings to create new super-warehouses, with a view to increasing internet business by 100% by the end of year 3
• To implement a fully electronic integrated stock control system which will allow for better tracking of stock levels so customers can see a live online view of stock for items they wish to purchase. This will allow each warehouse to view stock levels elsewhere to allow redistribution during times of high demand.
• To implement a fingerprint access control for staff to sign in and out of the workplace at the start and end of their shift
• To implement an optional tracking system to follow warehouse staff around their shift, checking on distance walked during the day, in order to encourage active working
• A unified desktop service for all staff, including sales teams, online technical support, warehouse staff, managers and other support staff
• 24 hour technical support for all IT services
• To implement a full ITIL based system, enhancing audit trails and identifying key performance indicators
• To set baselines during the first year
The SET have made it clear that they want a secure, scalable solution and are willing to outsource some services, particularly where security and safety are concerned.

NOTE : This document SHOULD have proper ITIL formatting and Harvard referencing.

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