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Learning outcomes
1- Explore & critically review the management of change and the facilitation of improvements
2- Through the application of theoretical underpinnings demonstrate the practical skills necessary to manage the engagement of a multidisciplinary team in the improvement of health and social care. Critically discuss issues involved in leading & managing risk, improvement and innovation
3- Review and critically evaluate techniques & tools employed in the process of improving quality in health and social care.

Part 2 (25% of the total mark)

1. 15 minute presentation (Assesses outcomes 1,2,3) A critical reflection on the issues of leading improvement in practice and the leadership strategies/theory/styles adopted, clearly identifying the associated leadership interventions
Both parts of the assessment must be passed and consider copy right issues

Step 1: think about real life experience, for you, of an example of a good/bad leader – talk briefly about the impact and consequences of that leader; why do you believe their style is as it is….

Step 2: take your views of the leader you’ve described, and then turn to the leadership literature – use the material/theory to illustrate from an academic point of view, what leadership styles/strategies etc… were used by this person

Step 3: consider the specific academic leadership theories you’ve referred to in step 2, and critically analyse them – what evidence is there that supports and/or challenges it? What perspective are the authors of the theory coming from (think about week 4 discussions); and what are the limitations of their approach?

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