Philsophy questions


1 story problem and 3 questions Story Problem: Deal with the following ethical problem based on either Kant’s categorical imperative or Bentham’s utilitarianism. Then give your own opinion. George Wilson is in charge of interrogating suspected terrorists for the government. He learned from outside sources that one prisoner, Mr. X, knows the location of a dirty bomb planted in a large American city ready to go off in 24 hours. Only Mr. X knows the exact location. After using accepted interrogation techniques, Mr. X still does not disclose the location. George has learned from other sources that Mr. X’s greatest fear is to be blinded. Does George use the threat of blindness to get the information to the location of the bomb? Does he even blind him in one eye to show he is serious? 1.According to existentialists, when is a choice authentic? 2.The ultimate virtual reality machine would present a world so real that we couldn’t tell that it was fake. Can you know that you’re not plugged into an ultimate virtual reality machine right now? If not, what difference does it make? 3.Southern ministers before the Civil War used the Bible to defend the institution of slavery. With existence of Old Testament laws defending slavery and Paul’s statements telling slaves to obey their masters, how could you combat the Southern ministers’ argument?

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