Research Design


This week your group will use what you have read about evaluation design, measurement and the respective instruments to develop a research design for your evaluation. Think about what sampling method you will use in this evaluation as well as what variables you will be measuring.
For your post do the following:
• Identify at least two of the variables you will be evaluating through your design and their respective levels of measurement, explaining your decision to use these;
• Identify the research design you will use for your evaluation, explaining your choice;
• Identify this as a one-group or two-group design and explain your choice;
• Identify the sampling method you will use, explaining why this is your choice

Textbook Readings
Grinnell, R., Gabor, P., & Unrau, Y. (2012). Program evaluation for social workers: Foundations of evidence-based programs (7th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
• Evaluation Toolkit; pgs. 347 – 477
• Feel free t use outside source including the ones above.
After completing this week’s activities you will be able to:
• Explain and compare one-group and two-group research designs,
• Explain the levels of measurement,
• Explain the types of sampling methods,
• Evaluate measurement instruments.

I have attached a sample and the template to use to write paper. please dont copy word for word of the sample as this will be plagarism and all paper is detected in the system once submitted. Please follow sample as far as the subtitles.

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