Solar flare


The 1859 solar flare did not have a powerful effect on the population. They likely experienced it as a show of lights that left no long term harm. During the second half of the nineteenth century, the world was preoccupied with other things. For this mission you need to find a history monograph that discusses any of the following regions during the second half of the nineteenth century. You should choose which of the regions to examine and no two members in the group should work on the same region. You should find the book and read its introduction and conclusion. Pay attention to its table of context, blurb, and index as well. Write 500 words in which you briefly explain the historical event(s) examined, the questions and main ideas of the book, and the sources used by the author. Areas: one per student/ no repeats 1- Latin america This assignment is individual so you should create one different document per student/region. Each document should have a cover page with the name of the group, your name, and the topic examined. Documents should be uploaded individually. Make sure you cite your source using Chicago Style or MLA. You should upload the document on canvas by Friday, May 11 before midnight.

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