the theme of responsibility and neglect

1. Describe Eveline’s conflict and the turning point in her life.
2. What does the story “The Rocking-Horse Winner” say about the theme of responsibility and neglect. Explain which character is neglectful of his or her obligations and which character consequently undertakes unnecessary responsibility as a result of that neglect. Explain the final outcomes of the both the neglect and the misplaced sense of responsibility.
3. Think about the young women in “Eveline” and “The Train from Rhodesia.” Reread the final sentence in “Eveline” on page 135. Then reread the young woman’s response after her husband gives her the lion in “The Train from Rhodesia” on page 158 (the sentence that begins “She was looking…”).
What do the two women have in common? Explain your answer, using the stories as support.





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