(Thesis Statement) President JFK was shot and killed


(Thesis Statement) President JFK was shot and killed. After investigation, Lee Harvey Oswald was found guilty for his murder. There are other theories out there that JFK was shot by someone else. It is possible that Lee Harvey Oswald was set-up

Paper details:

Standard 2: Historical inquiry is a process in which multiple sources and different kinds of historical evidence are analyzed to draw conclusions about how and why things happened in the past.

Benchmark Pose a question about topics in history; suggest possible answers and write a thesis; locate and organize primary and secondary sources; analyze them for credibility and bias; corroborate information across the sources; use sources to support or refute the thesis, and supported findings.

Benchmark Evaluate alternative interpretations of historical events: use historical evidence to support or refute those interpretations.

This assignment can be completed as part of either a World History or American History course. To complete the benchmarks you must create a question about a topic in history, suggest possible answers, and write a thesis. You must also find alternative interpretations of historical events and use evidence to support or refute those interpretations. You may create a presentation or write a paper on a topic of your choosing. Regardless of the format you choose, you should include both primary and secondary sources and analyze them for credibility and bias.

Let’s get started:

The first step is to get your topic, questions, and thesis approved by your teacher. This step is worth 10 points.
The next step is to decide if you are going to write a paper or create a presentation.
Create an outline of how you are going to answer your questions and thesis.
Do research – Find at least 5 reputable sources. 15 points.
Analyze your sources for credibility and bias. Do you analyze your sources? 20 points.
Find alternative interpretations of historical events. Do you clearly include at least 2 interpretations? 15 pts.
Use your sources to support or refute your thesis. Is your argument clear and do you stay on topic? 20 points.
Is your paper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. error free? 20 pts.

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