Media Strategic Plan for a Non-Profit Organisation


Expectations: Campaign Plan
Write a media relations campaign plan for a real non-profit organisation. Your aim is
to obtain coverage in the mainstream mass media. Essentially you will be presenting
the steps that would go into an MBO (Management by Objective) campaign.
The plan must be designed to get coverage in the mass media of an issue that is of
central importance to your non-profit organisation, for example, a major newsworthy
event that your organisation is already planning. The assignment is not to develop a
new event, or to create or organise a fictitious event, so you should not be focusing on
creating a fictive event, or organising an event yourselves.
The Media Plan must be presented in a professional manner with headings, client logo
and clear, succinct writing.
A suggested outline might include:
1. A cover page with a title for the plan, a client logo, your group’s name (as the
PR practitioners), date, and contact details for your group.
2. A TOC (table of contents)—optional.
3. A situation Analysis—this is a short description of your client and a short description
of either the issue or the event that you will be trying to get coverage
of in the media.
4. A Strategy statement outlining your approach to the objectives you have identified.
An effective plan achieves a synergy between your goals, objectives, and
5. Identify your Target Audience—the audience that you hope to reach with the
information about your issue or event for your client. Audience are not all readers
or the mass public. Be specific but identify existing pubics.
6. Identify your Target Media outlet(s)—your choice(s) of media with an explanation
for your choices (e.g. appropriate for your audience given their past coverage
of related issues; reaches your target audience; is favourable to your issue,
7. A Goal statement—a brief summary (approximately 2 sentences) of what you
are trying to achieve with this one (small) Media Plan.
8. Clear Objectives—articulate clear, achievable, objectives to reach your target
public through the mass media. Identify at least 2 informational, and 2 motivational
or persuasive objectives.
9. A list of Tactics—how will you will reach your audience (e.g. by writing a media
release and sending it to a particular newspaper). Note: employing multiple
tactics for each objective is typical.
10.A Calendar or planning/timeline (cf. a Gantt chart)—include every detail of
what you expect to do in your plan, including what specific tasks you would assign
to each group member.
11.A Budget—create a brief outline of the costs of implementing the plan.
12.Evaluation Strategies—a list of techniques you will recommend to use to evaluate
the plan after it is over. Note: Evaluation is always liked to goals and objectives,
and any post campaign assessment should be tied to baseline data
(i.e., you cannot ask people about opinions and knowledge at the end of a campaign,
unless you have a baseline from the beginning). Gathering research
should be part of the plan.
The media plan should be developed using the information presented in lectures and
in the readings. Remember, this campaign plan is for your client, so assume you will
be writing it and presenting it to them.
Our media plan is for the event that will be held by NASCA. Here’s the link:

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